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Good ol' Internet

Our world really is no different today in terms of being polarized on issues than it was 10, 50, or even 100 years ago. The difference is that because of the Internet, we have so many different ways to share our opinions. And we have our computers to hide behind to express them in whatever manner we choose. You can find any topic being talked about on Facebook and there will be thousands of comments spouting off strong opinions, judgement, and hate. Would those people who say such hurtful things online, say the same thing to that person’s face? If employers knew what some of their employees say on social media, would they keep them with their company? I think these “online activists,” “keyboard warriors,” “trolls,” or whatever you want to call them live for the drama. Anybody who challenges them is just feeding into what they want. It’s okay to have an opinion about everything, but how you express it is what matters. Why can’t people have a civil conversation? Because people are more concerned with being right than they are about trying to see or understand another person’s perspective. Open-mindedness is minimal, because as humans we are so set in our ways. I would like to know how many people have changed their minds as a result of being bullied online for their beliefs. I’m sure it’s next to none. And it’s amazing to me how many adults cyber bully, yet would be livid if their child was being physically bullied in school. Words can hurt just as much as fists, if not more.

Just because it’s the Internet, doesn’t mean manners and respect should be forgotten.

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